Monday, January 7, 2013

Just One More Quick Thought On The Now Mostly-Forgotten Tony Harris Controversy

Not too long ago I asked why men in the so-called, "geek culture," sometimes held negative views of females who were into comics, video-games, or anything else that made them, "geek girls." The whole debate seemed to kick off when Tony Harris made some comments that I would say were in poor taste, but no reason to boycott him forever or try to get him blacklisted from doing any comic work. Therefore, imagine my surprise that such movements have been bubbling away quietly. He has the right to his opinion just as much as anyone else in comics. If you were going to not read the comics of anyone who said things you didn't like, well, here's a quick list off the top of my head:

Chuck Dixon--You can't read his stuff if you hate Republicans, or Bill Willingham too.

Grant Morrison--You can't read his stuff if you are against vegetarianism,  hate the idea of banning animal testing for even life-saving medicines, or think the creators of Superman (Siegel and Schuster) were screwed-over by DC.

Alan Moore--You can't read his stuff if you hate Occupy Wall Street or don't care about creators' rights and bought Before Watchmen. Which speaking of which...

DC--You can't read them if you are a big supporter of creators' rights because they have screwed many people over, with Before Watchmen being a recent example.

Marvel--Jack Kirby and how Marvel treated him, if you think it was wrong you can't read them, 'nuff said.

Frank Miller--Pretty much anyone who is Muslim doesn't agree with Miller, and therefore wouldn't be able to read his stuff, no matter when it was made.

Rob Liefeld--Okay, I will admit I've said I don't want to read anything else written or drawn by him again. This isn't because of his views, however. It is the fact he has become an utterly terrible and mean person who has an art and writing style I didn't care for much in the first place.

Clearly, if you didn't read the comics of anyone who held a view you didn't like, your options would be very limited, or you'd have zero choices. There are creators who have said things much more iffy than Tony Harris, so let's not go bonkers.

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