Friday, January 18, 2013

Links, Because You Know You Want Them

You know what you need? Some links to various thought-pieces, news articles, and whatever else works towards my goal to keep you informed as well as entertained.

DC Editorial is kind of a mess right now, it seems.

It is depressing that it has taken this long for aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy to finally start coming from the Federal Government. I don't get how people can be terrified that big-government is going to take over and rule them with an iron-fist when currently it takes forever to have congress pass a simple bill that helps people. Yeah, I don't think you need to panic too much about facism taking-over in America.

Someone emailed me about this interesting timeline in comic-form that they made. It is about all the times the world was predicted to be ending and of course did not. It's cute. Why not give it a quick read?

Oh yeah, this is just what we need, a bill to, "Regulate," video-games. That makes sense in light of all the tragic shooting deaths. No, let's ignore the issue of guns, let's try to make stupid laws that will get shot down anyway because the Supreme Court ruled video-games were protected speech just as much as movies or books. Those don't have regulation (Yes, movies have ratings but it is a voluntary system and not a legal one), and our games already come with ratings. This is just idiotic.

Lance Armstrong admitted to doping. Really, no one wins from this. People who believed in him feel insulted, those whom he persecuted for accusing him of using performance-enhancing drugs were attacked for telling the truth, his charity organization that has done so much good has this cloud hanging over it. Yeah, its just sad all around.

Fun fact: Rand Paul is an idiot.

Platinum Studios, their story is just getting sad.

David Brother's is one of my favorite writers on the internet. He has written some amazing stuff about Django Unchained with this post by him being my favorite. He also had an interesting article on how uncomfortable the current happenings are with the Kickstarter-funded comic, "Sullivan's Sluggers," and that Mark Andrew Smith is being kind of a dick. I liked, "Gladstone's School For World Conquerors," but might pass on this because I'd feel dirty buying it.

Rob Liefeld may have one of his ideas become a film, a really crazy one. I guess that makes sense because when people take his ideas and make them less terrible you get something like Brandon Graham's current work on, "Prophet."

Woo, a comic-convention war out here in the Mid-West!

I've wanted to start reading Hellboy and the other comics that take place in his universe, but with all the various books I had no clue what order to read things in. Sean T. Collins has made that fear dissipate with his handy Hellboy/B.P.R.D. reading order list.

If I may engage in a shameless plug, I can also be found on Nine Panel where I most recently submitted this review of, "New Avengers #2." Always remember if you feel you don't get enough of me I can be found there too.

I don't follow sports too much. Therefore, I had never heard of Manti Te'o until this utterly bizarre news story came out saying he may have made up his whole heart-touching story about knowing a girl with cancer. He claims he was tricked too, we shall learn the truth about this hoax in due time I imagine.

Something random: I haven't read Penny Arcade as much lately, for various reasons. That said, I sometimes still go back to this comic and it makes me smile for some inexplicable reason.

I sometimes wonder at what point American Idol became less about the contestants and more about the judges. I also wonder, "who still cares about American Idol enough to watch it?"

An interesting video-game came out a bit ago that seemed like it would be a standard military shooter...but then instead turned out to be an extremely dark meditation on the idea of war, violence, and how we can lose our humanity. That game had the simple title, "Spec Ops: The Line," and while I haven't played it I have read enough articles on it to where it feels like I have. One great article that describes a ton about the game can be found here. This game is quite the nice shift from the, "Yeah, let's fight evil terrorists because America is the best and can do no wrong," tone of the, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," games (which are admittedly fun but couldn't be better propaganda pieces for the United States if our government actually tried to make something like that).

Anytime J. Caleb Mozzocco does his, "reviews," of various Previews sections I get a good laugh. Read this post and see if you giggle too.

That's an interesting batch of stuff, eh? I leave with you this link to a story about how TLC is at it again, this time with their show, "Gypsy Sisters." Truly, this is a miraculous age we live in.

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