Tuesday, June 4, 2024

"Venom: The Last Dance," Looks Sufficiently Bizarre

Back in the day, I thought the first, "Venom," movie would be terrible and bomb. Then, it did great at the box office and was actually relatively enjoyable. The sequel, "Venom: Let There Be Carage," received mixed reviews but I liked it (and plenty of money was made with it too). Now, after a brief cameo in the latest Spidey flick, Venom is back within his own, "Home," universe--it seems--and on the run from the government as they want to capture Eddie Brock/Venom due to aliens from his home planet coming to Earth en masse now to wreak havoc. Hence we have, "Venom: The Last Dance." Here's the trailer:

This looks like another silly and fun romp so I'd watch it! One kind of odd thing is how Chiwetel Ejiofor features heavily in the trailers as a mysterious military man, but in the MCU flicks that this series is kinda-sorta adjacent to he plays Mordo, a foe of sorts to Doctor Strange. Could this be a hint of broader multiversal happenings or is this just a case where an actor plays totally different characters within the superhero genre (for example Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/Captain America or Michael B. Jordan also as Johnny Storm/KIllmonger)? I imagine once, "Venom: The Last Dance," is out this October we will have a better idea of where this fits into the broader Marvel movie continuity (if at all). I'd say it is worth viewing if for no other reason than Tom Hardy is always delightfully odd.

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