Thursday, June 13, 2024

We Lost Kim 4 Years Ago Today

Weird things make you think of people you've lost. My Mother-in-law, Kim, would often buy me Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy sponges for Christmas as a bit of a gag gift that was also quite useful. It stemmed from a joke where we enjoyed watching the show, "Shark Tank." Sponge Daddy was actually featured on that show and became huge thanks to the press attention and an investment from Lori Greiner. We loved watching, "Shark Tank," and I said how I really wanted some Scrub Daddy sponges to try. So, one Christmas she bought me some. I, actually, really liked the sponge so when the holidays would roll around she'd buy me Scrub Daddy sponges and the various spin-offs like Scurb Mommy as a bit of a humorous gift. It always kept me stocked, however! Now, anytime I am running low on my Scrub Daddy sponges I think of Kim and how I wish she were still here to buy some every Christmas. 

Kim passed suddenly 4 years ago today. I wrote about her sudden death the day after back then. Gibson's official due date would have been her birthday, but we of course needed to have induced him early due to Samii's risk factors. I still really miss Kim and there are points in time when her passing feels surreal, where I swear I feel like I could just text her a funny meme and get a response from her or call her up and tell her to come over and watch the boys, but that is obviously not possible. Kim loved Clarkson so much. She would've loved our child that we lost, Shalom. I know she would've had a ball with Gibson too as he is a firecracker. The boy loves to laugh, climb on everyone, and fuss at us to give him a bite of anything we eat. I am thankful that my parents are still with us and get to enjoy our boys and I love them so much. It just is hard sometimes to think of the other people we have loved and have lost. Kim was a wonderful woman and an awesome grandma. We've been able to adjust to life without her here, but her absence is felt in things as seemingly small as having Sponge Daddy's in stock to bigger things like having her to chat with and enjoy spending time with Clarkson & Gibson. We love and miss you, Kim.

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