Saturday, June 8, 2024

My Latest Slabbed Comics Look Amazing Thanks to Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing!

I know CGC has been the news for mini-scandals off and on lately, but at the end of the day, they still are a good company to use if you want your comics preserved. I like how their slabs look and display when I have a comic I want to keep safe so I still use CGC. Before you ever send your comics to be graded, however, it makes sense to have them pressed and cleaned so that they are in the best condition possible for grading. That's why I continue to love Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing. Steve's prices are great, his work is amazing, and if you look at the above pictures he took some rough comics and really bumped them up.

My first appearance of Moon Knight in, "Werewolf by Night," #32 is a treasured comic of mine even if it is lower in grade. I thought it would maybe grade as a 2.0 but with Steve's work it got a nice 3.0! I was even more shocked at what he was able to do with my newsstand copy of, "Secret Wars," #8. It had a lot of foxing, wear, and so forth but he made that thing beautiful and it scored an 8.0 thanks to how much work he put in on it to get the various concerns with the comic fixed. If you ever get your comics graded by CGC, CBCS, or any other entity, I'd highly recommend Steve's Comics Cleaning and Pressing work on them before they get graded. I know anytime I continue to use a grading service I'll have Steve attend to my books first!

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