Monday, May 6, 2024

Oh Yeah, "Starfield," is Still Kind of a Thing

An expansion pack of sorts is on the way for, "Starfield." Yes, remember? The game that was in development for nearly a decade that was supposed to launch the next huge franchise for Bethesda like their Elder Scrolls series or the Fallout games (which they took over with upon the third title in that series)? Fallout is actually having quite a moment thanks to the television show and supposedly a new Elder Scrolls-related series is in the works. Meanwhile, "Starfield," is just kind of there after tons of build-up/hype and landing with a bit of a thud all things considered.

This isn't to say Bethesda should necessarily totally abandon, "Starfield," and just focus on Fallout games or Elder Scrolls-related stuff even if that's been suggested by some. I think the sad truth of the matter is that, "Starfield," is a well-designed and decent game that unfortunately just takes place in a really boring World/Universe compared to such properties as Fallout and Elder Scrolls titles. It's a relatively drab space game that failed to wow me in the same way as other Bethesda games. You can have an extremely competently designed game with lots of great mechanics, but if I don't want to explore that game's World or enjoy the story, what is the point? From what I played of, "Starfield," it was just fine, and I need more than fine these days if I'm going to sink any significant time into a game with a busy life. It is nice that, "Starfield," is getting an expansion that might improve the map or add a little space dune buggy, but do enough people even care anymore? I guess that's up to Bethesda.

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