Sunday, May 5, 2024

Kicking Off The First Weekend of May With a Toyman Show!

I always love going to the ToyMan show. The sheer amount of stuff on offer always amazes me. Vintage toys, new toys, comics, Legos, Funko Pops, Hot Wheels, bead creations, vinyl, VHS, creators with their books or original art, and the list just goes on! They cram more cool things into the Machinists Hall for ToyMan than you'd think is possible. For this first weekend of May, there was a ToyMan show and I was only able to be there for a bit due to some other obligations, but while I was there I had a ton of fun as I always do!

I started the show off by visiting with my good friend Jack Thomas of Fortress Comics. The incredibly old comics he always has on offer never fail to astound me. If you need something Golden Age in your collection the odds are good that Jack can find it. I then saw another awesome fellow, Spike Forester of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles, and admired his assortment of toys and comics. I had a chance to talk with Tim Metzger about life lately as well, and admired some awesome wares that my chum Marcus Mosley had brought. Bruce Reynolds had some stellar newer and old books too, and the fellows from Tatertots Comic and Collectibles were showcasing some awesome wares! Vince/VK Toys had some cool comics and I managed to get a great vintage issue of, "G.I. Joe." Check it out:

As I continued exploring the show I chatted with my insightful buddy Brian Lan about Superman comics he would recommend I continue reading (having read some good ones recently). In the upstairs area, I saw the great people from Heroes for Kids as well as my awesome author friends, Jessica MathewsDebbie Manbe Kupfer, and Lindsay Hornsby. They all were showcasing their superb works! I continued to browse all the awesome wares for sale until I had to get going. Every ToyMan Show has so much to browse you definitely need to try and get there early to get all your potential shopping done, however!

With another stellar ToyMan finished I am pleased to have attended and look forward to the next show on July 14th. I hope to see you, my dear reader, there as well if you'd be able to go to the next show. You're bound to find something in your realm of interests whenever you go to a ToyMan show!

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