Friday, May 3, 2024

Funko Friday: Is it Wrong to Think, "Funko Fusion," Looks Kind of Fun?

This September will see the release of, "Funko Fusion." It looks to be a good deal like various Lego-themed games where you go into a popular IP, smack enemies around, solve a puzzle or two, and have a generally entertaining time. I really liked, "Lego Dimensions," and how it let various franchises, "Interact," in cute ways. I was iffy on how people had to keep buying various figures to use in the game, but the concept was neat in my opinion. Hence, here comes, "Funko Fusion," where a wide range of IP will interact in Funko form as you play varying levels. 

When the game was officially announced I wondered if it could work and as the actual release date nears I am legitimately curious. I know some might be critical of the idea of smashing together everything from ,"The Thing," to, "Jurassic World," to, "Umbrella Academy," "Jaws," and even, "M3gan," but it could make for some clever little moments! I've seen some critical views of this endeavor, but I want to play the game and give it the benefit of the doubt before I poo-poo the whole thing. I mean, years ago people maybe wondered if a Lego-themed version of, "Star Wars," would work--or superheroes--and those games were (generally) a blast! If I can enjoy a mash-up of, "Back to the Future," "Voltron," and, "Knight Rider," all in one game, why not give it a shot? We'll see in September whether its a fun mish-mash or just a sludgy mess, I suppose!

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