Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Brace Yourselves, the Big Comic-Con in San Diego Approaches

San Diego's Comic-Con--or if you want to use the official, fancy name, "Comic-Con International: San Diego," is beginning tomorrow (more or less). I won't be there, if for no other reason than I lack the money to go myself even if I could somehow get press access. That, and no one has offered to pay for me to go yet besides this one creepy old lady in the neighborhood who keeps saying she wants a, "Live-action version of the new Magic Mike movie." That last part was a joke, but seriously, that event easily can result in you laying down a couple G's before you buy anything at the 'con itself.

I will of course follow all the news from the convention and get a post up at some point detailing my thoughts, and perhaps someday go there or the more-interesting-to-me New York City Comic-Con (I am more intrigued by it as I actually know NYC slightly and feel it would be less intimidating than San Diego, where I have never been). For now though, I'll be kicking-back and monitoring the ol' interweb for exciting updates.

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