Monday, April 29, 2013

This Sucks AKA Comics Alliance Shut Down

Comics Alliance (go to it here while something still exists at the link) was a good site for fans of comic-books...and now it's gone. AOL was the "owner" of the site, as it were, and the company is in the process of shutting down a lot of its properties. As this article discusses, last week a big chunk of "AOL music" was shuttered and now it seems Comics Alliance has suffered an untimely demise.

I really liked Comics Alliance. It had reviews, it had articles, and most importantly in my opinion it wasn't afraid to let its writers say what they felt and stand by it. If contributor David Brothers (also a writer of the excellent 4thletter blog) wanted to say that "Before Watchmen" seemed terrible, they let him. If sexism in the comic-book industry was to be discussed, no punches were pulled. In a world of sites that suck-up to the comic-book industry in hopes of getting an exclusive story about the next big and/or stupid event, Comics Alliance often stood strong and said what needed to be said.

This is sad news and quite frankly sucks. Comics Alliance was by no means some sort of mover-and-shaker that broke the biggest news or shared spicy rumors. It was just a solid site of well thought-out editorials and other fun bits such as links and little galleries of good comic-art from the week. I will miss it, and imagine others will too.


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