Monday, April 1, 2013

The Misery of April 1st

I hate April 1st for a very simple reason, I generally can't trust any new information I read that day until April 2nd.

Sure, news sites such as CNN aren't going to pull any April Fool's Day gags, but a fair amount of video-game and comic-book sites seem to think it is funny to post an absurd story they later reveal to be a "joke". I generally enjoy the website Bleeding Cool but on this day I wait until they update their headlines with what is a joke and what is real just so I don't see something like this and get all excited about movies with Marvel heroes crossing-over before I read the article and it becomes abundantly clear the whole thing is just silliness.

Perhaps I'm just cranky, but it bothers me, therefore I can promise you will never see me pull some sort of prank on this day.

That is all.

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