Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC is Looking Over-Sensitive Lately

Opening Statements
DC Comics, you are looking kind of like that overly-sensitive person we all know. The kind who gets upset if we question anything they do, or even if we make gentle jokes at their expense. What proof do I have to back up this accusation that DC is being wimpy? Well, let's examine three important facts.

Presentation of The Evidence
The "B & B" logo.
Fact 1: DC stopped doing a segment on Comic Book Resources known as "B & B" where fans could ask questions of the editorial staff. Why did this happen? People asked perfectly reasonable questions that weren't utter softballs and wanted an actual, honest answer. Apparently asking DC to clarify what the hell it was thinking with its recent Orson Scott Card fiasco (which they now have "put on hold" and are basically trying to bury any discussion of) is out of the question, just as is pointing out how famous comic creator Jerry Ordway and his fellow fans feel it is unfair he isn't getting any work from a company he did so much for (helllloo, ageism!).
The Outhousers' Logo
Fact 2: The Outhousers is a website that talks about comics and also parodies the industry. It was told by DC that if they didn't stop making fun of them, they would no longer get access to DC's talent. Basically, they were told, "Shut-up or be shut-out." The Outhousers however, had some editorial integrity and have instead spoken openly about their being blacklisted from doing interviews with DC.

Dan DiDio, out of his "robe".
Fact 3: Dan DiDio walks around the offices of DC naked and insisting he is wearing new robes made of the finest fabrics and decorated with expensive jewels. If anyone calls him out on this they are immediately fired and thrown into a pit where he burns the remains of people who upset him; this is done in order to power the heater that keeps his office warm.

Closing Arguments
Alright, that last fact is not true, but if the trend from the first two facts holds my just stating a joke such as the third "fact" could get me shut-out from DC, it seems. I don't know for sure however as I've never actually interviewed a creator who was actively working for DC. They always were doing independent or Marvel work.

In those past interview situations, while at times my questions were requested to also be sent to Marvel PR people when I did interviews, it seemed that was more to make sure the writers didn't spill the beans on any big announcements or such. I never got the vibe that it was to stifle any questions I had that could be considered "touchy"--I never was told, "I can't answer that question because Marvel will get mad," I would just be informed something like, "I can't answer that right now, but keep an eye out for an announcement." How would things go with DC go, however? Possibly not that great.

The Prosecution Rests
I can say any of my press interactions with Marvel, Image, and whomever have been just peachy, but I wonder what would happen if I wanted to interview someone under a big contract with DC. Readers of this blog know I am not one to pull punches when it comes to saying what I think, and DC is giving off the appearance of not liking that. They are acting like that aforementioned metaphorical acquaintence who becomes outraged if we call them out on their actions or tell a joke about them, no matter how mild.

DC, quit being so wimpy and maybe instead of shirking away from reasonable questions, answer them. The worst that could happen is you come off looking like a jerk...which you kind of already look like now.


  1. I missed the whole Card thing. Thanks for that.

  2. You are welcome! You didn't miss it so much as DC has been trying its hardest to erase it from everyone's memory after it briefly caused a bit stir.