Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Battlefield 5," Looks and Sounds Promising

Today the game, "Battlefield 5," was officially announced. Set during World War II it will have interesting changes to the usual gameplay and have zero loot boxes to buy for in-game advantages, instead favoring the ability to purchase cosmetic items. As someone who has always had a soft spot for the, "Battlefield," series (the awesome games as well as the weaker ones) I would say things look promising and sound good--at least on metaphorical paper. The only incidences of people seeming especially upset are the usual morons mad that women and black people happen to be in the game for so-called historical accuracy reasons (never-mind the major roles of women in front-line at times for the Soviet Union or how WWII was when America desegregated the military).

I don't play video-games nearly as much nowadays but this is a game I will for sure try to get some screen-time in with when it comes out in October. The single-player stories of, "Battlefield I," were great and hopefully we'll get more cool yarns here, and the multi-player antics of the, "Battlefield," games have always entertained me from the old days when I was playing, "Battlefield 1942," on my creaky PC to the shenanigans I got to on my ol' PS3 with the quality, "Battlefield 3." I'm assuming this will at least be a good time, if not a great one. Here's hoping!

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  1. Hell yeah dude. Idk but I’m pretty excited, I’m definitely gonna pre order this. At this point I really do trust the makers of battlefield. And for all of the people whining about women being in the game and how that’s not “historically accurate”, I got news for yah. During ww2 women fought on the frontlines for the Soviet Union, Australia, Norway, Poland, France, and the Netherlands. And also, during ww2 350,000 women were accepted into the US army, including their own branches, which included the women’s auxiliary corps, and the women’s air force service pilots. And the people who are complaining about the African American soldiers in battlefield 5, go do some reading up on the topic, because African American men have been fighting for the US army since the revolutionary war, since the abolishment of slavery, and throughout ww1, ww2, Vietnam, and up into present day conflicts. All of you people complaining about this game being historically inaccurate dont even know the half of it. There is so much more than you think you know about this war and about the people who fought it. Oh and also, African American women were part of the 350,000 women I enlisted into the US army during ww2. All of you seem to forget that they called this war “WORLD WAR II” for a reason. This conflict spread throughout all of Europe, into Asia (China and Japan primarily), and hell, it even spread to North Africa. And many of these countries had different guidelines for the forces of their armies. And not all of this war was even fought with armies md tanks, there was a smaller scale side to the war as well, which included small rebelling groups, freedom fighters, and many different resistances.

    About the only thing inaccurate about this game that we’ve seen so far is the bright blue face paint on some of the soldiers, but then again, that’s just a little battlefield touch added to the game, which isn’t supposed to be historically accurate. So all of you five year olds complaining about this game being historically inaccurate, do some research before you completely forget and disgrace the men and women, black and white, who sacrificed and lost their lives for their countries during this war. This conflict was fought by people, human beings. I pray that you five year olds don’t forget, and disregard this history and say it isn’t true, because it is.

    Okay, sorry but I’m annoyed by the people who don’t understand what they’re talking about trying to push their “not historically accurate bullsuhit”. But besides that I’m super excited for this game and I’m definitely gonna pre order it. This franchise has my full trust at this point, they haven’t done me wrong yet.