Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Just Noticed One Big Homoerotic Element in, "Predator," AKA Are Mac and Blain Gay?

I've talked before about how despite it seemingly like nearly everyone hates it, I adore, "Predator 2," and think it is even better than the first movie, having watched it repeatedly and more often than the alien's debut-flick. That said, "Predator," is still a damn good movie and I thought I might as well revisit it as I hadn't seen it in so long that I could barely remember anything outside of some catchphrases and the awesome fight between Arnold Schwarzenegger (known in the movie as, "Dutch,") and the Predator at the conclusion. Therefore, imagine my surprise this weekend upon viewing it when I noticed one really obvious homoerotic element in the movie that I don't think is me reading too much into the film so much as my previously not reading into it enough.

Now then, plenty of people have constructed elaborate theories about how, "Predator," is a big metaphor for being gay, etc. etc. but I'd argue that really requires you to do a lot of mental gymnastics and search for symbolism where none is possibly meant. No, the homoerotic element that I feel is completely apparent and barely hidden is Mac and Blain. Mac is played by Bill Duke and Blain is of course portrayed by former wrestler and past-Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. Throughout the movie they seem to have a very close relationship and enjoy talking and hanging-out with one another, but nothing seems overly romantic or sexual. However, when Blain is killed by the Predator Mac clearly is struck by this, screaming and crying. The biggest hint in my opinion that there is more to them however is when Dutch/Arnold says how Blain was a good soldier and Mac says how, "He was...uh...my friend."
Is that moment Mac struggling to almost admit he and Blain were more than just friends, or is it Mac simply having difficulty even stating how that as tough-guy soldiers that having friends seems silly to some? Is it a sentence hinting at a gay love or simply a comment on masculinity in general (maybe both)? Perhaps Mac just was very close with Blain in a non-sexual manner that history has often recorded occurs between soldiers who essentially live and work together for months (even years) at a time. That said, Mac's emotions seem just a little bit more strong, a little more struck, than someone who was simply, "A friend," with another man.

One of the biggest ironies in this would be that I believe Blain's first lines involve a homophobic slur. When everyone else on the helicopter refuses his offer of chewing tobacco at start of the movie he declares how they are all, "Slack-jawed faggots," because the stuff he's got makes him into a, "Sexual Tyrannosaur," which has the nearby Mac just grin almost knowingly. Is Blain truly being casually homophobic or is he making-up for something else? Is he the person protesting loudly about, "The gays," who actually is a same gender loving man himself?
Again, I could be reading too much into this, but I keep coming back to that line, "He was...uh...my friend," and how much is said in those two moments of silence. Other people out there on the internet have wondered about this too, with the general conclusion being an unsure, "Maybe?" Regardless of if they are or aren't lovers, "Predator," is still a damn good movie loaded with lots of action, suspense, and maybe, just maybe, some unexpected subtextual romance I can't believe I previously didn't pick up on.


  1. So I see this is An older post but yeah I always thought something was up between them. Watching it now as an adult still an awesome movie i got my kids into all the 80s action stuff. But yeah I felt there was something more between Blaine and Mac, just the overall dedication and anger man showed after Blaine's death was almost like a loved one loss

    1. I love when my older posts get comments as it means they are still being read and of interest! I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling like they have a certain closeness beyond friendship!

  2. I got the same interpretation as is stated throughout about the Gay/Pre-Don't Ask Don't Tell Vietnam Relationship. Even more so, is the mean/angry look that Mac/Duke gives Richard Chavez' Character/? Pancho when he says to Blain/Ventura "Hey! Blain! Strap This On Your Sore Ass" (Referring to his Machine Gun), while everyone else is laughing, except for Mac/Duke. Also, the fact that an inference can be drawn that there favorite song is Long Tall Sally, that some say is A Man Dressed Up As A Woman by Little Richard (openly Gay). Therefore, for the reasons mentioned, at the very least, it's plausible to ask if these are inferences they're Gay.

  3. Little Richard playing in the background we can conclude they had a thing going on