Monday, June 12, 2017

What is the Xbox One X and Who is it For? Is Anyone Excited?

Forgive me for my ignorance as I am getting older and increasingly out of touch with, "The kids," today as I've discussed before in relation to the Nintendo Switch and popular music, but that said, can someone explain to me what exactly the Xbox One X is (or who it is for)? It was announced at E3 this year and it confuses me horribly. Are we looking at something similar to the Playstation 4 Pro that will play all upcoming games but make them just a bit better-looking or is this a brand-new console that the Xbox One won't be able to play the games of? Okay, I checked and this is more like a PS4 Pro. It will have those 4k graphics I keep hearing about and will be able to play really old Xbox games too, it seems, but again, who is this for? Even the website IGN, which fawns over everything video-game companies do, seems unsure who will want this.

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the price, which is a hefty charge of $499 before tax, or as Polygon says, "Be prepared to pay for that power," with, "The power," referring to how this thing has a ton of computing ability, making it the, "Most powerful--and expensive--console in the world," as The Guardian puts it, which when compared to top-of-the-line gaming computers still makes it relatively weak, if we are being honest.
This is a monstrosity for sure...
Also, while we are being honest, does anyone actually want this? Yes, there are the people out there who always want to be on the cutting-edge and have the, "Best," console with the prettiest graphics and fastest speed, but is this geared more towards folk who want to upgrade their old Xbox Ones or people who don't have an Xbox One yet? Oh, and if someone doesn't have an Xbox One yet what are the odds they want one enough to shell out half a grand as opposed to just getting the weaker and cheaper version? Is this for folk who were dying to play their original Xbox games on a newer console because for some reason the original Xbox doesn't suit them anymore? As I keep asking, who is this for?

This isn't a new console in the sense it is a generational step forward that you have to buy to play the games, it is a weird half-step that seems to muddy the waters of console generations just as the PS4 Pro did. In case you can't tell, I 'm lacking much interest in this thing.

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