Monday, October 15, 2012

Things From NYCC I Found Interesting Enough To Comment On

Let's see what I found intriguing/terrible enough to have something to say about from New York Comic-Con

Let's open with something strange. Legendary, a comic-imprint from a movie studio that exists mainly to create comics that can be turned into movies (or for some reason put out Frank Miller's, "Holy Teror,") keeps getting pretty big names. Well-known comic-scribe Grant Morrison is doing a project with them, and famed writer/director Guillermo Del Toro is too. Apparently they also want to make good comics even if they basically movie-pitches. At least that's what I hope the goal is getting talent like that.

Cullen Bunn is bringing us a pseudo-sequel to, "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe," with, "Deadpool Killustrated," where he goes through various famous stories and kills their well-known fictional characters. This sounds so stupid and absurd that it has the potential to be incredibly awesome. I enjoyed,  "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe," and it seemed to be quite divisive  with fans either loving or hating it. I imagine this will be the same.

Bleeding Cool had been talking about it forever, and a Scott Snyder and Jim Lee comic about Superman has been officially confirmed on the more "official" sites. My hat off to Rich Johnston and crew for this and knowing about the Frank Cho-illustrated Wolverine comic way in advance too.

I haven't read a solo Spider-Man comic in some time, so I can't muster too much of a feeling either positive or negative about the announcement of a new series for the titular hero--even if the twist might be it isn't Peter Parker behind the mask.

I'm always happy to hear about something new coming out from Jeff Lemire--especially if he is illustrating it. Hence, "Trillium," is something I want to read.

We are getting a comic based upon the video-game Galaga. I assume it will start out easy to read and progressively get harder to enjoy as the story gets faster and introduces sudden swerves and twists until you give up in frustration at how many quarters you wasted on it...that is, if it is faithful to the game.

Nick Spencer will be bringing us a new version of, "Secret Avengers," which might be good, but I'm getting burned out on all these Avengers titles and re-launches of Avengers books. Plus, while I love some of Spencer's stuff his run on Secret Avengers during its, "Fear Itself," cross-over was pretty unimpressive. That might be more because, "Fear Itself," dragged down almost anything else that touched it though.

"Spider-Man 2099," may be brought back someday. The "2099," comics were really more a comic about what the 1990s and early 2000s thought the future was going to be like than anything else, so unless they do a somewhat-different 2099  as was attempted with the Universe  (sorta) in a mini-event from a bit ago, I dunno what can be done to make things not feel too out-dated (an odd thing to say about a comic from the future).

More, "Season One," books from Marvel. I don't see these doing big numbers at comic shops but if they put these into Disney Stores they will probably do gangbusters. It's a series that screams, "Start reading about this character here, you comics-newbie!" and that's admittedly pretty smart if these things continue to do well.

This article talks about a few Marvel comics. Avengers Arena isn't something I'm too excited in and I haven't been reading Xtreme X-Men or some of the other books talked about. However, seeing that Peter David is doing a big story in X-Factor he alluded to 15 years ago is great news in two ways. First, it means, "X-Factor," can keep having its cool long-planned-out-stories with one long in the making. Second, it means I don't have to cry myself to night over, "X-Factor," being cancelled anytime too soon.

Matt Fraction doing more independent work instead of his hit-or-miss Marvel stuff? It's called, "Sex Criminals," you say? I'll bite.

This isn't quite news from NYCC but coincides with it. Well-known director George Romero of the amazing Living Dead films (well, those newer ones are kinda meh, but the earlier ones are incredible) may very well be doing a secret comic project for Marvel. Nice!

Agent Coulson will be on the S.H.I.E.L.D. television show. My interest suddenly increased even more in the program, even if it is kind of corny to bring him back from the dead as comics themselves love to do.

A cover to the upcoming, "Young Avengers," done by that guy who did, "Scott Pilgrimm Versus the Universe." Oh yeah. Also, "Younger Avengers," should in general just be awesome.

"Daredevil," is going to be a part of Marvel NOW without re-launching. As long as the series keeps being good I don't care what label is put on it.

I like the current, "Aquaman," comic, so even though I'm not that familiar with Paul Pelletier, his art looks quite good and I'm pleased to have him coming aboard the title as the artist.

Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy will be doing a new book for the Vertigo line of comics titled, "The Wake." It's apparently going to be full of suspense and horror. Snyder's stuff is almost always good, and often stellar, so I shall be checking this out for sure.

In space-comic news, Bendis and McNiven are doing a comic for, "Guardians of the Galaxy," oh, and, "Nova," by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness, but who gives a damn about anything Loeb has made within the last decade or so? Also, Keith Giffen will be doing an ensemble comic set in space for DC comics called, "Threshold." I'm sick of Bendis on team books even if I still like his work that involves solo characters, and Giffen is quite good, so it should be clear which book I'm skipping and which I'll give a shot.

Geoff Johns working with John Goyer on some hush-hush big event comics for DC. My guess is maybe something that will happen after the already-known-about Trinity War that's coming in 2013?

I have really enjoyed Sam Humphries independent work, "Our Love is Real," and, "Sacrifice," (or the issues of it that have come out, that thing hasn't had an new issue in months. I don't read Marvel's Ultimate-line of comics that much, but from what I've seen from news updates and casual skimming, Humphries is at least taking things in fresh and different directions--you know, what the Ultimate Universe was actually meant to do.

Another comic convention has finished, before long another shall start. This is the circle of life for comic-conventions...and of course, "The Lion King."

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