Monday, October 15, 2012

Hip Flask Ouroborous Is Finally Coming Out Soon-ish!

You remember when I've said how I enjoy the, "Elephantmen," comic but have especially loved any of the, "Hip Flask," comics out there which take place a little further in the future than that comic? I would hope you remember, I had a post about it. Well good news, the newest issue which is only quite a number of years late is finally coming out. That's right, this December of 2012 we are getting the 4th issue of a 5 issue mini-series which has taken longer than can be imagined to be released but is so beautiful I can't be too mad. Seriously, Ladronn is awesome. Plus, Richard Starkings is no slouch when it comes to story-telling so this should be quite the comic. At least, I hope it is.

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