Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bits O' The News

Let's share what is happening in the world of comics and beyond, shall we?

Another week, another mysterious Marvel NOW promo.

I like Archaia and their work so it is good things are starting to work out better for them.

Jim Carrey in the movie version of Kick-Ass 2? I didn't like the first comic and haven't bothered with any others or seen the movie. However, I do like Carrey when he's doing a good job so maybe this is news worth following?

I can have my face be in the next CD Projekt game? They do make that good, "The Witcher," series, and that sounds fun...but I'm not sure I want people punching this gorgeous mug--even if it isn't for real. Okay, maybe not gorgeous, but presentable.

West Nile Virus is back with force. That's just great news....sigh.

Top Cow wants an unpublished writer or artist to come work for them. I have no strong feelings about this either way as long as said writer or artist is treated fairly and not screwed over like so many folk in comics.

Radioactive Man (the Marvel version, not the Simpsons) may be appearing in Iron Man 3? Interesting.

So it isn't just junk food making us sick, but junk DNA?

More Metal Gear games, this time in an "open-world" environment? Yes Please!

Remember the Republican National Convention? Remember how weird it was to see Clint Eastwood arguing with an empty chair? Sean T. Collins remembers, and he wrote about it in his guest spot on, "Stoner Alien".

Speaking of Conventions, the Democrats are having issues agreeing on their own party platform? I'd say this is quite bad, but Mitt Romney himself has said he doesn't fully agree with the Republican Platform,so both parties are having some issues.

So Judas (of the Christian bible) is the character "The Stranger" in DC Comic's New 52? I would think DC's editor-in-cheif Dan DiDio would have been nervous approving this, but he wrote the comic!

Let's end on a piece of, "Well that's no surprise," news. Apparently, in a market dominated by the iPhone with Android fighting hard for a solid 2nd place, Windows phones just don't perform that admirably. How shocking!

Thar be the news that I found interesting. Enjoy it, treasure it, love it.

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