Thursday, January 4, 2024

Two Comedians I Enjoy Are Feuding and it Saddens Me

In modern-day comedy, one of the tackiest things you can do is outright steal a joke. It's nearly impossible to actually sue someone for joke stealing but if it's known they've committed joke theft, it looks bad and tarnishes a reputation fast. Hence, I am saddened to see two comedians I enjoy feuding over whether one stole another's joke. You see, Katt Williams is stating that Cedric the Entertainer took one of his best jokes back in the 90's and ripped it off wholesale, only getting a, "Pass," for a decade due to apologizing for doing such a thing. Among other wild statements (like saying Steve Harvey stole from Mark Curry), the allegations against Cedric seem to be getting the most press. Cedric has said this is, "Revisionist history," and that reducing his career to a single joke that he did not steal is silly.

The exact joke hasn't been disclosed by Katt Williams or Cedric the Entertainer, but it seems it involves riding in a car (or spaceship in Cedric's version) and doing some funny poses. The jokes are a little different but have similarities so I understand where the feud is coming from. That said, I wish there weren't a feud, period. I have enjoyed watching both comedians in various specials, flicks, and shows. I would prefer they not be fighting as it just makes me sad to see two men who have done a lot of impressive stuff arguing about their jokes. I honestly hope the two gentlemen can come to some kind of reconciliation.

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