Monday, January 1, 2024

They’ve Already Got a Public Domain Mickey Mouse Horror Game in the Works

Today, January 1st of 2024, the copyright for the earliest iteration of Mickey Mouse expires. The version seen in, “Steamboat Willie,” to be precise. People can do all kinds of creative things now with that specific Mickey Mouse without worrying about copyright or having to claim it as parody/satire to skirt any legal concerns. Countless creative things could be done but for some reason lately when something is no longer copywritten people decide to make a horror-styled version of it (look at Winnie the Pooh). Hence, "Infestation 88," was just announced today less than 24 hours after Mickey Mouse entered the public domain in his earliest form.

I just recently Reviewed an ingenious parody of Mickey Mouse titled, “Michael Mouse.” I love it when people take something and remix it in interesting ways, allowing them to comment on it and create something new from something old. If your first idea with Mickey Mouse is to make a gritty horror character you’re not really being creative, at this point you’re being derivative.

Seriously, we can now literally do anything with the Steamboat Willie incarnation of Mickey, and your first idea is to make a horror game where you fight a monster that happens to look like him? You could have it be any monster and the game would be the same. Is there some clever commentary on Disney or capitalism? Is it just a bland horror game that is seizing an opportunity to get press via using Mickey Mouse? Perhaps there is something clever in the game but based on the announcement trailer I’m not seeing anything. Again, we can do anything with Mickey Mouse as long as it’s his earliest form, I look forward to more creative interpretations.

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