Sunday, January 14, 2024

The ToyMan Show for January 2024 Was Jam-Packed With Fun!

I missed the previous ToyMan show due to our children sleeping terribly (which was a precursor to everyone in the house getting sick shortly before the holidays, so that was fun). That said, even though it was a bit frigid today I made my way to the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton and enjoyed a fantastic first show of the year! There was a cool guest today in the form of Scott Innes, a voiceover artist especially known for his work in the Scooby Doo cartoons! Everyone really enjoyed meeting Mr. Innes and besides his presence, the show--as usual--was stacked full of awesome stuff to look at and buy!

I started the show off chatting with my friend John Chaffee of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles. The always-lovely Bruce Reynolds was at the show with his usual stellar wares as well and I was able to chat with the fantastic folks of Tatertot Comics and Collectibles too. My chum Tim Metzger was nearby and is a fun fellow to converse with at every show too. I browsed the fun wares of Retro Resale and Vince of VK Toys had a lot of neat items too! Dustin and Tammy had brought some stellar comics and I was able to cut a deal with him and acquire a snazzy comics of, "Marvel Premiere, " #28, the first appearance of the Legion of Monsters! Give it a look:

Brian Lan and I talked about how life had been treating us and it was great to see him! Spike from Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles was at the show with a bunch of fun wares as were the folks of Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games. My friend Greg Madrigal had a booth with another friend selling a bunch of fascinating toys and comics, plus I saw Marcus Mosley with a lot of awesome floppies too! In the upstairs area, I saw my usual cool folks too! My author friends Jessica Mathews and Lindsay Hornsby had a ton of cool things they'd created for sale, plus I met some new folks like the guys behind My Big Fat Pullist, a podcast that I plan to check out! Heroes for Kids was upstairs too, raising funds for important causes. Back in the downstairs area, I met Meoldy Eye of CCPI who had a ton of 3D printer creations that were superb. I enjoyed chatting with her and she let me get a picture of her at her table:

Besides the vendors which I've noted there were a ton more and a bunch were new to this show. It was neat to meet some new folks selling everything from Funko Pops, to Legos, other random toys, and even Laserdiscs--plus I always enjoy checking out any booths with comics! I had an incredible amount of fun at the ToyMan show and am glad I was able to make it to this one. I strongly encourage anyone who is a fan of anything collectible to check the ToyMan show out as it is loaded to the brim with cool stuff to browse and buy. I almost always find something to purchase at the show and I do always see stuff I'd like to buy but maybe lack the funds for at the moment because I'm not exactly swimming in enough dough to buy an, "Avengers," #1--which I saw one or two of at the show! The next show is March 10th and I for sure hope to attend! Visit the show's website for any information you might need and I hope to see you there!

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