Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A Few Comic Publishing News Tidbits From The Week

I have three interesting stories regarding comics and publishing. I don't think they are weighty enough to be their own articles, but a combination post touching on all three sounds like a scrumptious idea--if you could metaphorically eat my content. Anyways, let's touch on some news...

Let's start with some fun news. A new publisher is entering the scene! Goats Flying Press plans to create, "Comics against all odds," and has a very realistic outlook on publishing stuff as opposed to some new publishers who burst onto the scene with unsustainable grand plans and then tragically fold a short time later. GFP will be solely publishing creator-owned comics, has a lineup prepped that they will run Kickstarter campaigns for to assist with costs, and the company is headed by a 15+ year veteran of comics, Sebastian Girner. I look forward to learning more about this new venture!

In an update that is a bummer but somewhat expected, IDW (specifically their comic publishing division) continues to have financial troubles. I've blogged about my concerns regarding IDW extensively, and things only are getting worse. The company posted a fiscal loss of $1.28 million at the end of their third quarter this year and it is part of a continuing trend of hemorrhaging money. The fact that IDW lost a lot of big licenses lately (Skybound picked up Transformers and G.I. Joe, for example) obviously doesn't help an already shaky ship stay afloat. Now we just await the next alarming update.

Closing on something good (we made a bit of a happy-sad-happy sandwich) Rick Remender is a talented comic-book writer who has done a lot of work for a number of publishers, but now he has signed a three-year exclusivity deal with Image Comics. It seems he'll have carte-blanche to make any comic he wants and Image will be happy to publish it (when you've been around long enough and are skilled enough you can get such a snazzy deal). As this is Image, Remender will maintain complete creative ownership too, which is one big reason Image seems to keep succeeding at snatching up talent and getting great books made. When the creators own the rights that is a big deal more and more with stuff getting made into movies, shows, and games. Congrats to Mr. Remender!

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