Monday, September 4, 2023

This Labor Day Continues to Illustrate the Importance of Unions

Today was Labor Day, which we owe to unions along with many other things (the weekend existing, minimum wage, child labor laws, and the list goes on). Right now it is clearer than ever how important unions are to protecting workers through collaboration and strength being together. Whether it is UPS negotiating a deal, autoworkers, or writers and actors, many people benefit from unions. The big corporations will try to claim unions are bad or not needed. They'll say, "We're like family here," while the CEO makes 1,000X what other employees do. It'll be pointed out how unions aren't perfect, and that is true! That said, unions are better than nothing and most of them do good work as opposed to some having an element of corruption. If unions didn't pose a threat to those in power, they wouldn't work so hard to stop them from forming or functioning. We had Labor Day today, thank a Union for that, and much, much more.

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