Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Television Tuesday: Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets, and Irony

The only sport I remotely follow is hockey. However, I am a person who lives on planet Earth so I knew of Aaron Rodgers. A man who is pretty weird yet you like him despite him sometimes saying really dumb things. He makes me think of Woody Harrelson with his odd theories about COVID-19, a love of UFOs, and so forth. My wife and I had seen the news about Rodgers joining the New York Jets and heard that a new season of, "Hard Knocks," on HBO/MAX had a lot of him and other interesting folks. We decided to watch the show and it was fun! It made us hopeful enough for the Jets that we watched their first game of the season last night, September 11th. Before the game could even get going we watched as Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury The man tore his Achilles tendon 4 plays in as the Quarterback. He was done while some fans still were making their way to their seats. The Jets really are gonna be Jets as usual, eh?

To the credit of everyone who was able to play yesterday, the Jets beat Buffalo in overtime. With it being the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 it was probably emotional to be playing a home game in NY too. That said, Aaron Rodgers already being done for the year really sets a sour tone. It is so horrendously anti-climatic to see all the news about Rodgers, watch, "Hard Knocks," focus on Rodgers, and then within 10 minutes of his first real (non-preseason) game as a Jet he's knocked clean off the roster? The whole thing almost sounds like a bad joke, with nobody laughing. This is what I get for even attempting to care about football to the degree I watched a game besides the Super Bowl (I always watch that and enjoy the ads). Perhaps the Jets could still have an amazing season via some miracle. It just sucks the only way Aaron Rodgers is going to be on the field now is if he's cheering from the sidelines. At least we'll always have, "Hard Knocks."

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