Friday, September 1, 2023

Funko Friday: Bitty Pops Have a Certain Charm to Them

Funko as a company has been having trouble as of late. They've been destroying leftover inventory to save on storage costs, cutting jobs, and losing money. That said, Funko products remain popular with a lot of folks and I still have a soft spot for the brand. I do a little collecting of certain brands and enjoy a good Batman-related Pop now and then. I heard how Funko was doing a, "Bitty Pop," and it sounded silly but I was curious about it.

I spotted some Batman Bitty Pops at a toy store in the Mall today and bought a very little set that comes with three you can see before purchasing and a mystery one that might be 1/3 or 1/6 rarity. Samii bought some Disney Princess ones. As you can see below, I got some fun variations and my, "Mystery," Pop was The Penguin. Observe:

Within the box, there were the individual pops and a nice hard plastic container you can put them and stack multiple Bitty Pops with if you so choose. These smallest-of-possible Pops are kind of cute and while I wouldn't spend a bunch of money to acquire them all, it was fun to buy some and put them on display with my (in comparison) much bigger standard Pops. I doubt these will be a massive hit like standard Funko Pops or Funko Sodas, but they are snazzy. Hopefully, they won't die out and be forgotten like the VNYL line (those were fun in my opinion, but oh well) or other product attempts Funko made and abandoned.

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