Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Toyman Show Continues to Delight!

Today I was able to go yet again to a Toyman show, and as always it was a really fun time.  For this show I arrived quite early and witnessed as vendors came and set-up. It was great how streamlined and easy the check-in process was for them and it was cool to watch an empty area fill-up with all kinds of toy-and-comic goodness. I had the opportunity to talk to Chris, "Toyman," McQuillen and he shared about how the first-ever show was in November of 1990 and it has been wonderful to watch it grow in size and popularity. We discussed how he is always working on getting more great guests, and thinking of ways for vendors and potential vendors to optimize their space, adding, "The more interested vendors we can fit here selling an even wider variety of things, the more fun it is for everyone!"

I myself had a stellar time at the show. I had to leave a bit early due to a family obligation that sprung-up but still got some great stuff before I left! I didn't acquire any comics on this visit but got a bunch of cool Funko Pops. I was able to trade an assortment of ones I brought with me for this superb assortment:
Also, I got this famous, "Breaking Bad," vehicle:
The Toyman Show continues to be a must-visit event if you're a fan of toys, comics, Funko Pops, Hot Wheels, or just looking at a ton of cool stuff from vendors while meeting neat celebrity guests. The next one will be July 8th and you can learn more at the website. It continues to be a spectacular deal at only $5 for entry starting at 9AM and $12 if you want to do the early-bird entry deal, which I always recommend as so much good stuff sells so fast! So yes, mark your calendars for July 8th, I know I have!

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