Monday, April 4, 2016

So, I Didn't Go to Wizard World Saint Louis This Year

As folk who live in the area may have noticed, Wizard World Saint Louis occurred this weekend, April 1st-3rd 2016. I didn't go. It isn't anything personal against Wizard World, but I had either previously met most of the guests there I would want to see, or many of the guests who were new didn't get me that excited to attend. Also, I didn't have much funds to spend on a bunch of merchandise or purchase any of the neat looking comics from Artists' Alley, where I tend to spend most of my time at conventions. Between all that, the cost of parking (even if I can get in to the show free as a journalist, parking is absurdly expensive), and wanting to go to Kansas City to celebrate a friend's birthday as opposed to staying in Saint Louis, I skipped out on Wizard World Saint Louis this year.

Did any readers of my blog happen to go? If you did, how was it? Should I be sad I did not go this year due to it being awesome, or was it unremarkable and it is fine that I skipped?

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