Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Serious, Frank Cho, It Honestly Isn't Funny

Yet again, here we are.
I talked about Frank Cho back in September of 2015, discussing his propensity for drawing cheesecake-style art and acting like he was making a political statement at the same time. As always, I'm fully for well-drawn cheesecake art or political statements, but when you're just being a sarcastic jerk it ain't that appealing. Well, because that famous pose (butt in the air while the lady crouches) brought Cho so much fame after he made fun of the Spider-Woman controversy with Milo Manara's initial art, he now has yet another drawing he's making bank on. The thing is, this time it is an actual, official cover for a, "Street Fighter," comic.

It is like the comic's publisher thought, "We want to do a post of a woman with her butt in the air, how about we get Frank Cho seeing as Manara might be busy?" So now we have an homage of an homage. It's Frank Cho paying a cynical tribute to his own cynical tributes and laughing all the way to the bank. The one saving grace is that the image itself doesn't have something annoying to hint at Cho pretending to be political as he has done with characters popping-up in the background and yelling, "Outrage!" At least this is just a straightforward cheesecake image to folk who don't know the background story about the pose. For those of us who do know the story though, Frank Cho is just kind of being a stinker.
"You'll never stop me!"
The saddest thing about this is some of the creative team behind the comic itself didn't know there would be this Frank Cho cover causing a hubbub, so now they just get to feel embarrassed without having actually done anything. Honestly though, Frank, if you just go back to making some of those funny, "Liberty Meadows," comic-strips all will be forgiven.

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