Saturday, April 9, 2016

I Got Blurbed, And it Was By "Grumpy Cat!"

As an esteemed journalist (hey, quit laughing) I have of course had my reviews at times tweeted about, linked, and posted on websites--either in agreement and to promote something, or because a person thought my opinion was awful. One thing that hasn't happened (at least not outside of Kickstarted books thanking me for coverage) is my getting, "Blurbed," for a book. That has now changed.

I was doing my usual thing where I'll occasionally Google, "The Newest Rant," to see if I'm being discussed anywhere--I don't do it for narcissistic reasons so much as to pray that I'm relevant and see who I've pissed off this month. Well, while doing my Googling I discovered a quote from my review of a Grumpy Cat comic listed in the digital preview of a publication. I realized it was the, "Google books," preview of the, "Grumpy Cat," hardcover that recently came out collecting the first mini-series published by Dynamite, and sure enough on the back-cover where review excerpts are displayed the words of yours truly appear. Observe:
I'm by no means a huge name in popular-culture musings even if I do get a decent readership. Still, it is funny to think that my opinion is valued enough that an excerpt of it is put on the back of a major publication. I'm always tickled when someone thinks my ramblings are coherent enough to promote their product (or when someone gets angry enough at me to post a long article about why I'm awful and wrong), as this blog really is at times a bunch of random sometimes-positive and sometimes-negative opinions mixed with a healthy dose of cynicism and eternal crankiness. I just guess seeing people value my opinion enough to quote me--or hate it enough to quote me in other cases--is nice.

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