Saturday, April 9, 2016

I Tried the Three New M&M Flavors We Can Vote On And I Have One Easy Favorite

Voting Time!
M&Ms currently have a campaign going where three new flavors are for sale, and us consumers can go vote online or via text about which one we like enough to make a permanent flavor. I tried all three yesterday and while I wasn't surprised by the one that was my favorite, I was a bit shocked how easily it beat out the other two. Before I tell you which one I liked the most though, let's review the options:

Chili Nut:
 The best way to described M&Ms  with the chili is that they went and coated a nut with a surprising bit of heat. It can take a second for the hot-feeling to start, but once it kicks-in don't be surprised if you actually want a glass of water!

Honey Nut:
These M&Ms reminded me of the other nut-filled candies the most, but the taste was a bit sweeter than your standard M&Ms

Coffee Nut:
A coffee nut M&M has the same crunch as the other nuts, but also includes a surprisingly strong essence of coffee that mixes with the chocolate and produces a cool flavor almost reminiscent of a mocha.

This flavor has of course existed a looooong time, but people can actually vote for it too. I guess this is like the, "Protest," vote for people who didn't like any of the new flavors and want to make that extra-clear?

The Best Flavor
You may be able to tell from my summaries, but in case you couldn't, I loved the coffee nut M&M the most. It was just plain delicious, with the honey nut M&M being wholly unimpressive and the chili nut M&M being interesting enough that I would try it again (but still wouldn't vote for it). Yes the coffee nut M&M was just plain delicious, and you will love it if you're a fan of coffee

Note that if you dislike coffee, you may very well hate it. I gave my mother-in-law these M&Ms to try and she thought the chili and honey nut were perfectly average but had to go and spit-out the coffee nut M&M due to her having a burning hatred for all things coffee-related. That said, I loved this flavor, and have already voted for it. I encourage you to try the three options out too and tell the company which is your favorite...although I'd obviously prefer for you to vote with me on team coffee-nut. Still, it's your choice, just please don't pick honey.

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