Monday, November 17, 2014

A Rant-Review Avalanche Is Coming

Today shall be a certifiable avalanche of Rant-Review AKA capsule reviews. For some reason I just feel like sharing my thoughts on a bunch of comics and therefore shall do a trio of posts, each made up of five comics being reviewed, for a grand total of fifteen reviews. Why those numbers, you may ask? I dunno, it just felt right.

Anyways, the reviews will be split-up by groupings of publishers, and this initial post will link to those three separate posts after they go up. The posts will be:

At 10:00 AM:
Rant-Review Mayhem Part 1: BOOM! Studios, Amigo Comics, and IDW Publishing

At 2:00 PM:
Rant-Review Mayhem Part 2: Image Comics

At 6:00 PM:
Rant-Review Mayhem Part 3: Marvel and DC

I hope you enjoy my multitude of reviews and if you don't I'll refund your money. Wait, I do this site for free? Then who keeps sending me those check? Oh no, I owe the government a whole lot of money for that time-travel prototype that didn't work out...

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