Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rob Liefeld is Burning All Bridges and Being A Huge Jerk In The Process; Has Lost All My Respect

A Village Idiot Is Born.
Remember how I once said Rob Liefeld may create things I don't like but is actually a really nice guy? Well, I'm going to have to take that back. If you're asking why, just check around the internet. Liefeld has left DC--which is no big deal, a fair amount of creators seem to be leaving certain books there or even the company; its what he did next that makes him awful.
This man went from being nice in my opinion to a terrible person in the span of  a few days.
I mean, other people who stopped work with DC or certain projects for the company expressed frustration about how they had editorial interference (George Perez on his Superman book), or quit the company because of ethical concerns (Chris Roberson, who as of saying he was quitting DC was told, "Oh yeah? You can't quit, you're fired!). These people were still somewhat courteous and did not actually set out to insult anyone. Liefeld did the opposite of being gracious.

First off, Liefeld thought he should get in front of any, "spin," DC could do about his leaving them by telling what he felt was the true story of his quitting. He used twitter to talk about editorial interference and say how it was making him crazy. Okay, the company may not like someone revealing this much but it's all pretty mild so far.

But then Liefeld went on to use his tweets to call an editor he worked with someone suffering from a certain small body part (the penis/"dick" as Liefeld put it). Wow, that's pretty rude.

And then after someone asked well-known Marvel employee Tom Brevoort if with Liefeld free from DC they would be interested in hiring him, Brevoort responded, "After that Twitter flame-out, I can't say I'd be in a hurry to get onto that train." That's when things got really ugly. Liefeld took this as a personal insult and proceeded to call Tom Brevoort a, "Loser fat-ass," who is just mad he isn't Marvel's Editor-In-Chief, and should get back to, "Mixing and matching Avengers and X-Men."

To top everything off,  Liefeld insulted the artist who illustrated his writing on, "Hawkman," calling the illustrations, "Crap." Although Liefeld then deleted that post, seeming to have decided of all the things he said that was going too far. Yeah, you can't insult your artist but saying an editor has a small penis and calling someone else a fat-ass is perfectly okay.

Liefeld has officially lost whatever respect I had for him. I used to think he was someone with an art style I didn't always care for, but such a positive mood and friendly personality that he was still a cool guy. I don't believe that anymore, I think that Liefeld is a mean and unpleasant man whose work from now on I refuse to buy. That doesn't include the new "Extreme" comics that are really good as those are just taking some of his ideas and making great comics without him involved. However, if he writes something or draws it...yeah no thanks.

Apparently Liefeld wasn't finished, going on to have a huge twitter-fight with Scott Snyder about Snyder's work on Batman. Liefeld seems to have lost his mind.

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