Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh Dear, AVX May Actually Do What I Feared

In my opinion piece about Avengers Versus X-Men and its numerous problems I ended my article by saying, 
"I mean, worst-case scenario they bring Jean Grey back or something equally stupid." Then website Bleeding Cool shows me this new teaser image for the last issue in the mini-series:
If that turns out to be Jean Grey....then wow., and I don't mean that in a positive way. I thought the re-launch was, "Marvel NOW," as in fresh new ideas, not literally digging up old ones from their metaphorical grave.


  1. Jean can't die. She doesn't know how.

    When I was young teen she was my favorite character; I loved both the official continuity and all the What If's starring her. Unfortunately the deaths tend to lose their impact to the story after a time or two.

    The deadwood must be cleared away to allow new creative life to flourish.

  2. Sometimes I fear all mainstream comics have are deadwood, stagnating any new creativity when it comes to character deaths. Something big happens that changes characters and before long it gets undone. Bruce Wayne dies and Dick Grayson becomes Batman, and before too long we're back to the old Batman. Captain America dies with Bucky taking over (who himself had been thought dead) and soon enough, Steve Rogers is back too. We do get some new things, such as Miles Morales as Spider-Man--but that's in an alternate continuity where Marvel can muck about. Sometimes I fear that any big change is like a pendulum, swinging right back to the old days before too long.

    I can maybe make an exception for Jean, even if it bugs me for her to come back, if only because the whole point of the Phoenix is rebirth.