Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Still Not Buying "Before Watchmen"

I'm still not buying "Before Watchmen," but from what I've seen through flipping through the books at my comic-shop...yuck.

The Rorschach comic by Azzarello and Bermejo is pretty but mainly be a hokey revenge-fantasy where you cheer for our, "hero," instead of a tragic tale about the horribly broken man he actually is, "Nite Owl," has pretty art thanks to the Kuberts but the writing is god-awful (Straczynski, what happened to you?), and "Ozymandis," has some of the most amazing art ever thanks to Jae Lee paired with a story that reads as if it were terrible fan-fiction--"My girlfriend is dead, I'll become the greatest super-hero ever and avenge her like a cliche instead of being the intriguing character I was in Alan Moore's story!" Oh,  and the Dr. Manhattan comic (also by Straczynski) seems to completely miss the point of the character and pretty much be telling a, "What if this happened instead in Watchmen's history?" story. It also gets Schrodinger's physics theories terribly wrong, as is pointed out in this article which reviews some other, much better, comics along with the travesty that is, "Dr. Manhattan."

As for all the other comics, "The Comedian," is just sort of...there, I haven't given Silk Spectre a once-over, and Minutemen seems to be the least offensive to my tastes of the current crop of books. Did I overlook any of the other books that have come out yet? I may have, but they are just so forgettable.

Oh yeah, in awhile we also get two issues focused on bit-character Moloch because...well, I don't know why. It's written by the man producing the worst,  "Before Watchmen," comics (Straczynski strikes again!) and illustrated by the talented Risso. Why are good artists doing this travesty?

I was against, "Before Watchmen," on ethical grounds, and now I can't even say it is succeeding as story-telling as the tales are basically just diluting, "Watchmen," through either trying to over-explain things that didn't need to be discussed, altering the original story in harmful ways, or just basically being mediocre. It's just sad, frankly, and pretty much what I expected this series to be. It will never be cannon for me when it comes to Watchmen. Just some random stories with characters from the main series, really, nothing more.

The worst part is...these comics are apparently selling quite well. So much for ethics.

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