Saturday, March 23, 2024

Check Out Author Nina Ayers!

Last weekend I had the chance to meet author Nina Ayers while she was at Half Price Books for an author event promoting her latest work, "Joy of Murder: Life of a Serial Killer/s." Her work is based on actual events involving a real-life serial killer and the efforts that were taken to bring him to justice. Nina's book involves multiple twists and turns--it sounded like the perfect read for those who enjoy both fictional and true-crime stories.

I greatly enjoyed speaking with Nina while she was tabling to her promote her book and it was clear she put a great deal of work into creating this stellar publication. She isn't just stopping with this book, however. She has other titles in the works with this series as well as a series for kids titled, "Fairies of the 4 Realms." You can find, "Joy of Murder: Life of a Serial Killer/s," at your local bookstore (or have them order it for you). You can also always buy it from Amazon or via Barnes & Noble as well.


  1. Hello David
    I had the privilege of reading the book and meeting the Author. This book is intriguingly fantastic the twist in this story line had me second guessing myself. I felt that I knew what was happening until he end were Richard open the Freezer this it was wow not way. Carol would be one of my favorite and interring characters and Holly oh boy ! how I wanted to killer her. She was saying the next book will be released soon cant wait Hollys murders great Joy of Murder is a great book....

    1. Thank you for coming so happy you have enjoyed the story ....

  2. Dear Nina
    I loved the story I meet you in Springfield with my husband. I loved the plot twist an I believe carol has more of a back story with what was found in the basement. Becky didnt have a chance but it was awesome how she was placed. trying not to give it away but I know I am missing a few things there is more to CAROL
    love the BOOK!

  3. Nina i met you in taylorville little shop they book is great the old man that you were talking with made the book sound even more
    I was bake that day to get one of your books but would enjoy it in hardbook just seen this post on you page and dropping you a line
    hope to see you in taylorville again

  4. Awesome book and great easy read I very much enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next one. Mrs.Carol is my favorite can’t wait to see what happens next. Anxiously waiting for your next book and I can’t wait to meet you.

  5. Thank you! To each an every one for your kind words ❤️ ✨️
    Positive vibes and energy to you all