Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March-Mania Links for the First Day of Spring

Not Quite Madness
I don't watch basketball so I can't say I have acquired the, "March Madness," everyone talks about. I do think I've got some quality links that could inspire a bit of excitement/Mania. It also is the first day of Spring today, although based on much of the weather across the United States you wouldn't believe it. There is still some killer stuff I've found and wanted to share, so let's begin!

Link Mania!
Let's lead-off with some exciting news, namely how the entire original creative team behind Kool Keith's Doctor Octagon persona are reuniting for a brand-new album. There was a 2006 LP without Keith's original collaborators of Dan the Automator and DJ QBert that was decent but lacked the same spark, so getting the initial gang back together has me pumped. This will either be very awesome or absolutely terrible, I'm thinking. 

I was intrigued by this article from Kotaku which talks about how, "Calvin and Hobbes," showed the issues that can arise with youth in organized sports

This article discusses how OJ may be a monster, but why does he get demonized and other famous killers like George Zimmerman get a pass? 

I don't have an Xbox One and my computer lacks the power to play it, but if I could, I'd be all-in on, "Sea of Thieves," which was officially released today. Full of sailing, swashbuckling, and other alliterative pirate-activities, it looks fun.

"The Matrix," couldn't have predicted the kind of messed-up internet we'd have in 2018, as well as how alt-right assholes would try to co-opt some of its symbolism and wording. It's still a great movie, though.

White Evangelicals abandoned a lot of their principles to support Donald Trump, a repugnant human being. This piece tries to make a little sense of how that happened.

I see so many people dismiss, "The Game," as a shoddy movie for an assortment of reasons, but I love the film and think the oft-derided ending is superb. I'm glad there are some other writers out there who love the flick as much as me!

The new DC, "Age of Heroes,"-themed comics tend to be fun, but apparently have had a bit of a mess getting who is doing what art straightened-out.

It isn't just DC with some problems however, as Marvel is shifting editors around for their upcoming, "Fresh Start," of comics in a manner a rudely sarcastic person might call akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I'm not that snarky though so I shan't actually say that.

Enjoy Spring...When it Actually Starts
I hope everyone has a great Spring when the actual Spring-weather kicks-in. Till then we shall huddle by our heaters.

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