Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mike Wolfer Has Launched a Kickstarter for a Cool New, "Widow," Comic!

Mike Wolfer is a Cool Fellow
I am of course a big fan of Mike Wolfer's writing and artwork, having interviewed him for the blog multiple times and often reading and enjoying his work. He has done Kickstarter campaigns in the past to help fund many of his projects and often has cool unqiue goodies made available through those Kickstarters. He is one of those somewhat-rare dependable people on Kickstarter as he always delivers his promised goods, and keeps his backers well-informed about his progress and any delays in getting goodies sent-out. Hence, anytime I hear he's got a new project that I can support you know I eagerly back it. This brings us to his latest endeavor!

Widow: Return to Spider Island
Mike Wolfer's upcoming original graphic novel, "Widow: Return to Spider Island," sounds like it will be superb. It will feature the first new tale with fan-favorite character Emma Harrow in many years as she returns to the island where everything started back in the original Widow comics. It will be a 64-page book of comic-goodness and is described by Wolfer as being both friendly to new readers and rewarding as well for long-time fans of Emma/Widow. Wolfer always excels at writing (and drawing) horror and scary violence, so I have no doubt this will be a great comic and make a stellar addition to my collection of his various awesome works.

I encourage you to check-out and back his Kickstarter for, "Widow: Return to Spider Island," at this link.

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