Monday, January 18, 2016

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I don't think I've posted some assorted thoughts and links in awhile, so how about I do that?

Musings and Linkings
In honor of this day for Martin Luther King Jr. I thought it would be worth pointing out something others have discussed, namely that as he has become a bit of a cultural icon there has been a, "Softening," of his image and how much he did to push boundaries. The man was advocating breaking unjust laws, knowing he would face prison, violence, etc. Sometimes I think people don't realize how revolutionary what he did was. That is one reason it really irritates me to see Republicans claim he would somehow be a conservative today, whilst he was considered a dangerous radical back in the recent past by the very people who now say how great he was--but oh, those, "Black Lives Matter," peaceful protesters are simply thugs--as writer Kovie Biakolo puts it, "So please, put away your convenient whitewashed version of Martin Luther King Jr...his legacy deserves more than feel-good sayings."
I myself have always loved video game manuals and miss that era of thick ones with maps, stories, and artwork. This article reminds me of that love. Oh, and in case you wondered, in my opinion the, "Arcanum," game manual is the best of any (I found a site with a zip file of it, should you want to see).
Faith Erin Hicks was really cool and fun to chat with when I met her at the 2015 Project Comic-Con. This upcoming book from her, "The Nameless City," looks and sounds like it would be worth a read for sure.
I pretty much liked the movie, "Cloverfield," even if the sheer-annoyance of the camera constantly moving around literally made me a bit nauseated at points--it was one of those, "Found footage," movies before the market got utterly saturated with those. Imagine my and everyone else's surprise then when a trailer ran for what surprisingly is a movie set in the, "Cloverfield," universe but not necessarily a direct sequel, titled "10 Cloverfield Lane." It thankfully ditches the found-footage concept and appears to have a very angry John Goodman, which is always fun. What astonishes me is how in this day and age they were able to keep what the movie is really about such a secret.

Donald Trump is somehow going to force Apple to make their, "Damn computers," in the United States if he is elected President. How in the Hell is this man still doing so well in the polls? Are that many voters really so ignorant, so scared of Muslims, and so easily fooled they could enjoy this blowhard jerk? I swear, if this man were to somehow become President I would weep for this nation.

Marvel will officially be launching, "Civil War II," on Free Comic Book Day this May 7th, 2016. This of course won't be too long after, "Captain America: Civil War," which comes out on May 6th, 2016. It is almost like they purposely wanted these two things to line-up!

I downloaded but have not yet played, "Pocket Mortys." I of course love the television show, "Rick and Morty," and it is interesting to read this article that points out how if Nintendo would release an actual Pokemon game for the iPhone it would probably do gangbusters (they maybe should just give up on the handheld devices at this point, I and many others feel). I mean, back when I played the game--when it was just 150-ish critters--it was good fun, and you can find plenty who feel it still is the bee's knees.

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