Monday, February 18, 2013

One Sentence Summaries (of Some Recent Comics) Strikes Again!

It Begins
Back in October I tried out a new "bit" where I summarized some newer comics with one sentence. These were not reviews so much as first impressions of various comics I had read or at least skimmed enough to make a snarky comment. I found it fun so lets do it again!

One Sentence Summaries of Some Recent Comics

Bedlam #4
This comic went from being a slow-burn murder mystery to the apparent serial killer just going all-out and starting a rampage, but the comic is interesting enough I'll let the jarring change of pace slide.

Fearless Defenders #1
An entertaining comic featuring female super-heroes which proves that just because the comic's characters have two, "X," chromosomes that doesn't mean their carrying a book is an impossible task--although that lesbian kiss came off as somewhat creepy fan-service.

New Avengers #3
This is still moving a little slowly for me but we are starting to see where this syncs-up with the normal Avengers' book, plus I like how Captain America never compromises his morals unlike those other gutless folk in the Illuminati.

Justice League Dark #16
I like this comic, but feel something is missing which is preventing the book from really "clicking" for me.

All New X-Men #7 
This is good so far, but God help me the near-weekly release schedule for the comic is kind of absurd.

Thunderbolts #4
I stand by what I said about this being a good series even if people hate on it--it's an interesting book full of terrible people doing terrible things.

X-Men Legacy #5
This continues to be the best Marvel NOW book that people seem to not be reading.

Scarlet #6
Holy crap, this comic still exists after a year-or-so delay and is pretty good?

Deathmatch #2
The intrigue behind how all these characters became forced to fight each other continues to be more interesting than the fights themselves, and that's perfectly fine.

Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine's Day Special
This contains completely forgettable stories, but those Valentine's Day cards you can rip-out and keep (or give to people) are just adorable.

Daredevil: End of Days #5
If one of the apparent Daredevil replacements isn't Danielle Cage (the daughter of Daredevil's friend Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) I will be quite surprised.

Avengers #5
There is a callback to Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" which I loved but otherwise this was just a bunch of random space-junk featuring everyone's favorite forgettable aliens, the Shi'ar.

Stormwatch #17
The dysfunctional nature of this team makes The Justice League look like one big happy family.

It Ends
There we go, I hope you enjoyed my summaries and perhaps noticed that three of the comics I reviewed were written by Bendis. That guy has continually written a ton of comics for years now, I wonder when he sleeps?

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