Monday, July 1, 2024

They Officially Start Demolishing the Chesterfield Mall on October 15th

I've written about the Chesterfield Mall in our region and how I'm sad it will soon be no more. It was struggling a bit before the COVID-19 pandemic, and ever since then had been mortally wounded and limping along with a small number of stores left as a bit of a last stand. Long-gestating plans to demolish the Mall and build a big mixed-use area of shopping, businesses, and apartments/condos finally were approved and the Mall officially closes on August 31st, 2024. My favorite Vintage Stock location is at the Chesterfield Mall and their last day is July 28th, 2024. A number of shops that were still in the Mall have left or are making plans to relocate. The aforementioned Vintage Stock is just shutting down and that has me really disappointed in corporate for not finding a new spot nearby so that all the employees I adore there could relocate. The day is now in the books for when they begin to tear the Mall down and it will be October 15th.

Once it is mid-October it all starts coming down. After six months we will be left with a crater and construction will begin anew on Downtown Chesterfield or whatever the final name ends up being. I appreciate that whatever comes next could be pretty cool, but I'm still bummed the Chesterfield Mall will only exist before too long as a memory. I and others will miss it.

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