Sunday, July 7, 2024

"Crazy Taxi," Could Return as a Big Online Game

"Crazy Taxi," was a fantastic game. Full of late 90s and early 2000s jams and loaded with actual stores in a strange occurrence of product placement, the game had you picking up passengers and driving as insanely as possible to get them where they needed to go. The sequel, "Crazy Taxi 2," introduced a mechanic where your car could somehow jump. Apparently, there were other games, but they were on random consoles like the PSP or mostly remakes as opposed to big sequels (the 3rd in the series took the original map and added the jump, for instance with just one new area overall). However, a new, "Crazy Taxi," is supposedly coming, and it sounds weird.

The next, "Crazy Taxi," was described by Series producer Kenji Kanno recently as a “Large-scale, open-world, massively multiplayer driving game." So, a game where you compete with other players to get passengers within a massive map and possibly even engage in combat with them like some kind of weird, "Fortnite," mixed with, "World of Warcraft," or such? That sounds totally bizarre, but, "Crazy Taxi," was never about restraint. As Oli Welsh of Polygon observed, "Honestly, I've heard worse ideas." A big online World where you drive our taxi around, forming alliances/corporations/whatever, and getting into combat could be cool. If it keeps the wild attitude of the original franchise and is some form of zany fun I'd give it a shot.

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