Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm Embarrassed For My Country Right Now AKA Trump Is a Horrible Person

re-done image by Phil Noto where he took his previous cover with Ms. Marvel.
In the span of a single week, our new, "President," has managed to try and limit women's rights to their bodies, signaled he thinks it is perfectly okay to torture people, continued to claim the, "Wrong," people (Undocumented workers, etc.) cost him the popular vote, and now has signed draconian executive actions that prevent people in bad circumstances from coming to our Nation. I guess we need to scratch-out all those words on the Statue of Liberty because clearly those in need are not welcome to this Nation anymore.

When people said to, "Give him a chance," I knew I wasn't even going to need a week. It is astonishing to think it took more than 200 years to build-up this Nation and at this rate it may all fall apart within a year. We will no longer be a beacon much of the World looks up to and relies on. We will instead be an angry little isolationist trash-heap chanting the historically xenophobic and antisemitic, "America first!" as our ship sinks into the metaphorical waters of economic and political ruin. I only hope some stays on his latest evil orders show his efforts are unconstitutional.

It astonishes me how many people are surprised he is doing the terrible things he said he wanted to do. Did you really think he was secretly a Liberal who cared about others and would be progressive and good? He's an atrocious scumbag and I can't believe we have to call him our President. I disagreed with previous Presidents of both parties, I often hated a great deal of what George W. Bush did (his support of torture, to name one thing), but I never thought he was a truly bad human being. I honestly believe Trump is a miserable excuse for a person and I'm embarrassed for my Country right now.

This is America currently, in 2017, of all times. May God have mercy on our souls.

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