Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Colorist--2016 in Review

It Can't Always be Jordie Bellaire
This issue came out at the tail-end of 2015,
but is too gorgeous not to use as an example.
Look, I love the work Jordie Bellaire does, she is amazing. That said, I can't just give her the award every year (maybe just most years). Plus, there is one person who has done some stellar colorist work on a book for quite some time now and seems to only be getting better and better at his job.

Brad Simpson on "Sex"
Simpson has worked on a number of books, but his time on, "Sex," has been amazing. Written by Jose Casey and (usually) illustrated by Piotr Kowlalski, it is a book about a retired super-hero who over 30+ issues has becoming a little bit less-and-less retired as the city he once protected falls into complete and utter disarray. Simpson uses a wide-ranging pallet of colors that perfectly matches a super-hero comic that isn't about super-heroes. Anytime a new issue of, "Sex," hits the stands I know I can expect great writing, stellar art, and amazing colors. The, "Look," of the comic owes a lot to Simpson's incredible coloring. For that reason, he fully deserves to be called the best colorist of 2016, in my opinion.

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