Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Call For Stories From People Ripped-Off by Top Level PR/Crowd PR Guru/First Wave PR

UPDATE 10/17/16
Apparently they have changed their name yet again. Now known as, "First Wave PR," they still are just awful and should not ever be used.

I wrote an article some time ago about Crowd PR Guru before they changed their name to Top Level PR. It has been making its way around the internet and I have had some people comment on the post or contact me via email about how they were ripped-off by Top Level PR/Crowd PR Guru. Well, I'm thinking I would like to write a big article about the scammers who claim they can promote Kickstarer and/or Indiegogo campaigns. If you've been taken advantage of by Top Level PR/Crowd PR Guru or any other so-called PR company in the process of trying to get eyes on your crowd-funding campaign please do reach out to me.

Should you want to remain anonymous to prevent the risk of any sort of retaliation from these companies I understand and promise I will protect your confidentiality. If on the other hand you want me to be sure your name is put out there so the companies know how they did you wrong, I can assist with that too.
If you found yourself scammed by these so-called PR firms please do not hesitate to email me at davidbitterbaum@gmail.com. Once I have a lot of testimonials from people I will also reach-out to Top Level PR and offer them the chance to comment (again, while protecting your identity if you desire). Should they talk with me I'll include what they say in my article, and if they refuse to speak with me I'll note that also. I would hope they at least are willing to address what people claim, however.

It breaks my heart to keep hearing from people how their money was basically stolen; I can't stand a company doing something that is legal, but not at all ethical. Please email me with your story and let's continue to get the word out there about these poor excuses for PR companies.

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