Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Visited "Westfield Comics" in Wisconsin and it Was Great!

As my readers know, here in Saint Louis I greatly enjoy being a patron of Newcastle Comics and Games. However, when I go on a trip (as I did last week when I was in Wisconsin for a bit) I like to check out other local comic shops in the areas I visit. Therefore, when I was in Madison I had a chance to stop by the, "West," location of Westfield Comics (they have an, "East," location too in the city). When I walked in I was warmly greeted by an associate of the store, and he was eager to hear about my blog (which I always tell stores about before offering them some of my cards).  As I looked around I was impressed by various selection they had of mainstream and indie titles, including a sizable, "All-ages," section, which is always good too see in my hopes we will continue to get younger folk into comics. The store also had a nice clearance section full of comics and other assorted items.

Overall I was quite impressed with Westfield Comics, between their friendly staff, big assortment of comics, and well laid-out (and brightly-lit) store, I would say they are a  snazzy shop that is definitely worth a visit should you be in the Madison Wisconsin area sometime. Next time I go up there I'll try and stop-by the, "East," location!

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