Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Sentence Summaries of Some Recent Comics

I've been busy with regular life and doing stuff for the awesome folk over at Nine Panel but that doesn't mean I've forgotten my website/blog and its faithful readers (all 10 of you). Therefore, I am proud to announce I've thought-up a new segment!

I was describing various comics I had read or was going to read to my girlfriend in just a sentence or two and realized that it would make a great bit. I get to describe some comics quickly and maybe make a joke or two and you get to realize what a comic's about without having to read it or a lengthy review. Therefore I proudly present my first-ever one sentence summaries of some recent comics!

Prophet #29
Another clone of the original John Prophet ends up getting caught in a huge space-war, which results in his getting swallowed by a living spaceship before he blows-up the whole thing to gorgeous art.

Daredevil: End of Days #1
Brian Bendis continues to show that if there's one thing he loves, it's making Matt Murdock suffer.

Wolverine and The X-Men #17
Doop is awesome, especially when drawn by Micheal Allred.

Justice League #0
Billy Batson gets the power of Shazam and uses it engage in vandalism, save a lady from a mugger but ask her for some cash, and otherwise act the way an actual teenager (and many adults) would if suddenly gifted with incredible powers.

Venom #25
Writer Cullen Bunn does something he doesn't usually do--make a pretty mediocre comic--that raises the question, "Do we really need a demon-possessed Venom?"

Tarot #76
Tarot fights a naked fairy, is exposed to a plant pheromone that caused her to become aroused and touch herself, then becomes naked, and burns the fairy's wings off--all while coming so close to crossing the line into an adults-only comic you wonder how much longer it is until Jim Balent just calls it a day, drops all the supposed plot, and makes a Tarot comic full of nothing but hardcore sex.

AVX #12
Phoenix-powered Cyclops is defeated, a bunch of people become mutants, and Marvel gets to have another event-comic that in the end kind of feels like a waste of all the money you spent on it just to see the big conclusion is that House of M gets reversed.

And there they are!

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