Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Nine Panel Stuff I've Been Doing

You've been reading the other website where you can see my random thoughts, right? You know, Nine Panel.
Nine Panel's logo. Pretty neat, eh?
I hope you are, because otherwise you missed my article where I discuss, "The Problem With Variants," using the countless Uncanny Avengers variants that just came out to discuss the problem. Along with that, the newest Nine Panel podcast where I have a segment discussing variants. It and the article compliment each other nicely so make sure you read and listen to both. Please?

Also, speaking of Uncanny Avengers, just this morning my review of its first issue went up on the site. Spoiler: I thought it was quite good, and you should read the article to find out why.

That's what has been happening, make sure you listen to the newest podcast when it comes out for more comic-book-goodness from the Nine Panel guys and of course to hear my somewhat-annoying voice during, "The Newest Rant," segment.

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