Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Quick Thoughts.

Hmmm, talk about a Watchmen 2/prequel comics going around the internet? Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. As for how I feel about one happening? I don't know, if they are done well it could be fun, but

A newly announced X-Men VS Avengers comic that puts the whole Universe at stake? Lately with Marvel I have trouble summoning excitement for any event as they seem to just be going downhill--with Fear Itself being the point where I just gave up and jumped ship mid-way through the series. I actually read more DC now I think since their re-boot, but still go for the Marvel books that I really like due to a character I love being involved (Moon Knight) or the series just being written so damn well (X-Factor).

How the fuck did Newt Gingrich jump to the lead of the Republican polls for President? I mean, his campaign was all but dead and he was a laughingstock...then this? I guess the Republican's really are willing to try anyone before sitting down and realizing it probably has to be Romney, like it or not.

Modern Warfare 3 was quite the game, look for a post that discusses that at some point, along with other random stuff probably. Frankly, I have a few posts ideas I've got half-going and need to wrap up so you all have something to read.

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