Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review--The Publisher That Lost Me This Year

Losing Interest
Sometimes try as hard as a comic publisher might, I just find a number of their stuff lacking. I am reading much less of certain publishers I used to almost exclusively read (Marvel) but there is one publisher who this year went from having at least a handful of titles I read to now no titles.

The Publisher that Lost Me This Year--DC
I am currently regularly reading zero DC titles. Zip, nothing, nada. I mean, not even Vertigo stuff. Things looked slightly promising with their attempted tonal-shift that had a different feel, but that seems to have fizzled out and while some things are still unique and different (Batman is Jim Gordon, for reasons), I basically have seen nothing from DC that interests me. Their huge re-launch in 2011 seemed promising but ended-up being a lot of wasted potential. The company is flailing about with apparently more retitling and re-launching on the way.

They undid some of the re-launch by hinting at past DC-Universes with, "Convergence," which if anything just made people long for the DC comics of old, and apparently the best title right now from the publisher is one featuring the Justice League that seems to be mostly removed from the current continuity (or taking place before most of the current comics).
"Convergence," just made people miss the old DC.
It's really a shame as I've greatly enjoyed past DC comics and still have a fondness for works published by the company done by creators I greatly enjoy (I loved, "The Multiversity," for example). I'm not sure what the solution is, but 2015 is basically the year DC lost me.

Side Note: I have heard that, "Omega Men," is great and am thinking I'll pick up the 12-issue epic once it concludes.

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