Friday, November 13, 2015

Mulling Over "Fallout 4" and if I Should Wait to Play It

Everyone is talking about, "Fallout 4." The consensus is mostly positive, but I do hear plenty of talk about bugs. I'm pretty sure that considering how, "Fallout 3," is one of my favorite games ever I will be a fan of this entry in the series, but my past experiences with bugs have me worried. Plus, even though it just came out I wonder if any deals will occur for the game as Black Friday approaches (although Target's current buy 2 get one free game deal does include, "Fallout 4,") and occurs.

I'll probably scoop the game up soon, I am quite eager to delve into the latest Bethesda-developed title, even if a few game-breaking bugs might occur. I'll just be sure to save often, that much can't be denied.

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